Every volunteer is ID checked

HelpMyStreet has partnered with Yoti, a leading provider of ID checking.

Every volunteer is ID-checked to confirm they are who they say they are. This is important because vulnerable people use HelpMyStreet to ask for help.

Yoti is quick and easy to use – you just need a smartphone and a valid driving licence or passport.

Yoti Verified

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Matching Help Requests with Volunteers

HelpMyStreet has an integrated task management module that matches requests for help with suitable helpers (matching by request type and proximity).

Volunteers will be alerted when relevant requests for help come in, and helpers can accept as many or as few requests as they’d like. There’s no ongoing commitment – helpers are simply encouraged to help out when they have the time.

Finally, we collect feedback from everyone involved to ensure it was a positive experience.

Task management

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Charity: Age UK partnership in Lincoln and South Lincolnshire

We helped Age UK in Lincoln and South Lincolnshire launch their Vitals For Veterans campaign; a program to deliver 1,800 care packages to elderly veterans.

Every week the Age UK team find veterans who would benefit from a bit of a boost (including one gentleman who is 103 and received a parcel on his wife’s 97th birthday - quite a couple!).

They enter them into the system and then amazing volunteers sign in to HelpMyStreet, grab tasks that are close to them, pick up the parcels from a few central locations and then drop them off with the veterans.

Often they have a bit of a chat with the veteran – which is probably as important as the care package itself.

Campaign: Face Coverings for the Nation

For The Love Of Scrubs is an incredible collaboration of 70,000 sewers across the country (with one central facebook page and 130+ local ones) who have made 500,000+ sets of scrubs and other pieces of vital equipment for frontline NHS and care workers.

Now, they have partnered with HelpMyStreet to spearhead our Face Coverings campaign.

Face Coverings

Community: Ruddington

Ruddington is a village in South Nottinghamshire, where the community wanted a platform to match volunteers with people who needed help and where they are well backed by their Parish Council.

HelpMyStreet built a dedicated landing page for them, with images of their local shops and pictures of their organisers and volunteers to make it all feel personal and relevant.

The community can access the full suite of HelpMyStreet functions; including ID checking and task management.


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